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Dublin Visceral Osteopathy at Trinity Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre

shutterstock_115711942Visceral Osteopathy is the treatment of internal organs: digestive tract, respiratory system and reproductive system and is one part of an over-all osteopathic philosophy, but focused on treating ‘visceral’ or organ problems that may cause pain or problems of the spine or joints in other parts of the body. It may also be used as part of treating local visceral problems such as slow bowels.

How Does Visceral Osteopathy Work?

We breathe in and out approximately 20,000 times per day, as we do this the diaphragm (breathing muscle) contracts as the chest expands and pushes the viscera(guts) down and toward the mid line of the body (there are some exceptions to this), massaging the internal organs at the same time. For example the kidney’s moves up to 2cm each time we breathe in. 2cm X 20,000 is quite a long way! The Guts do not just hang in the body but are attached to each other and to the bones and muscles of the chest and abdomen. If there are any restrictions in any of these areas then the body may not work efficiently. Visceral problems (excluding pathology) may therefore be associated with local symptoms such as lower back pain or urinary infections e.g. kidneys or bladder. Reflux or heartburn e.g. oesophagus or stomach may also be affected.

Visceral Osteopathy and Referred Pain

Some times pain is what is known as referred pain. The guts can refer pain to joints in the body. With discomfort such as pain of the left shoulder (e.g. spleen) or on the right shoulder (e.g. Liver), Osteopathic treatment of the viscera may therefore help in these cases, and is helped by then treating the affected joint. Visceral OSTEOPATHY is used in conjunction with ‘Classical’ Osteopathy to obtain best results.